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Helping businesses protect and monetize their work

Copyrights protect company property

As a business grows, copyright becomes more complex. Work is generated by a patchwork of independent contractors and employees, which puts company property at risk. Business owners are often surprised to learn that they don't own what they think they own. Without the right contracts in place, they may have little recourse if a contractor or employee begins re-selling company ideas. 

On the creator side, creators often need help enforcing their copyrights and being compensated accordingly. Bevel Law assists copyright owners on both sides of the process - companies and creators - to ensure that copyright ownership is clear and properly protected.


Bevel Law assists with all aspects of copyright protection including:

  • Registration

  • Cease and desist letters

  • Licensing and sales

  • Contracts and releases

  • Plagiarism

  • Publishing deals

  • DMCA take-down notices

  • Copyright strategy and portfolio management

  • Copyright disputes


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