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The Legal Upgrade ™

Get Your {Legal}
Ducks in a Row

When your company first started, there was no time to worry over legal details. The focus was becoming profitable and getting the business off the ground. Years later, business is good. But every time something goes wrong it keeps you and your team up at night, because the business doesn't have a strong legal foundation. 

This is why Bevel Law developed The Legal Upgrade™. Your business doesn't need a piecemeal approach. It needs a single, comprehensive solution. You need a professional overhaul of your legal back-end, and you need it done right. 

The Legal Upgrade™ has what you need to set your business on a firm legal foundation and move forward with confidence. Over a three month* period, Bevel Law will: 

  • Assess the legal status of your business

  • Apply to trademark your brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • Replace your out-dated contract templates with new contracts that are customized to your industry and protect your company's interests

  • Meet with your team on a monthly basis and provide legal advice and strategy for any challenge you are facing 

Ready to Upgrade? Let's get started.

Investment starts at $10,000

*Some businesses may take longer than three months to complete. This service is currently only available for clients in Washington, DC.

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