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The Legal Upgrade

Get your legal ducks in a row so you can scale with confidence and reach you revenue goals.

What is The Legal Upgrade?

The solution to a common problem.


As an owner/founder, you need freedom to manage the vision of your business instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day. But here is the reality: 88% of businesses have fewer than 20 employees. With 20 spots (or fewer) on a team, most companies do not have a full time lawyer on staff. If this describes your business, you are not alone.

As your company grows, more legal issues are coming up. When you first started, you didn’t have time to worry about the technicalities. You were just focused on building and becoming profitable. Then you blinked, years went by, and along the way you never had time to address the legal foundation of your business. 

Now, you’re ready to scale. You have ambitious revenue goals and an exciting vision. Only this time, you want things to be different - you want peace of mind. You want the security of knowing that your business has solid legal protection. The problem is, now that the company has grown beyond just you, you don’t know where to start. 

Welcome to The Legal Upgrade 

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Does your company have the legal foundation it needs to scale? 

Your company has reached the point where it’s time to get your ducks in a row. Thankfully, doing so is possible without hiring a full-time lawyer or adding 10 more tasks to your (already crazy) to-do list.


The Legal Upgrade™ is a comprehensive, done-for-you service for companies that are ready to get legally legit so they can confidently increase their revenue exponentially. 

Stop losing sleep every time a legal question comes up in your business.

How does the Legal Upgrade Work?

The Legal Upgrade™ has three objectives:


  • Make sure your underlying legal entity is solid

  • Overhaul your legal back-end and secure the intellecual property for your brand

  • Set your company up to scale and reach your next revenue goal

How we'll accomplish these objectives:


  • Entity Assessment: To make sure the business is in good standing and up-to-date on all paperwork. 

  • Trademark: At the federal level, to protect your brand from competitors. 

  • Customized Contracts: That will stand up in court and are tailored to your company, your industry, and most importantly, your interests.

  • Three Months of Legal Advice Calls: To empower your team to implement these changes.

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Can I see reviews from past Bevel Law clients? 

Absolutely! There are reviews on the comments section of this website. You can also read Google Reviews by clicking the button below.

Who will I/my team be working with?

Bevel Law is owned and operated by Christian Williams Hammond. Christian holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a juris doctor from Harvard Law School. Before founding Bevel, Christian was an associate at the prestigious law firm, Covington & Burling LLP where she represented multinational corporations and major trade associations. Christian is on a mission to empower owner/founders with legal knowledge and legit ownership over the company they have built. 


What should my company budget for The Legal Upgrade?

Your company should budget $12,000 to begin The Legal Upgrade

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