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Helping Businesses
Go to the Next Level

Legal Protection.

Secure Ownership.

Peace of Mind.

If you want to partner with a modern law firm that believes in your business, your search is over.

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Building a good company is a labor of love. Building a strong company requires legal protection for the ideas, the brand, and everything that makes the business unique

Your team has put everything into this business, and you want to make sure that investment is protected. You want peace of mind and actionable legal advice. But it's hard to know where to start.

Bevel Law helps companies take their business to the next level by setting it on a strong legal foundation. 

Start here. Bevel Law helps companies get their ducks in a row with streamlined, done-for-you services. Along the way, your team will be empowered with new legal knowledge and the tools needed to protect the future of the business. 

The Legal Upgrade™

The Legal Upgrade™ is Bevel Law's premium service. This is for the company looking for a comprehensive, integrated solution to set the business on a strong legal foundation.

During your Upgrade, Bevel Law will perform a professional overhaul of your legal back-end, complete with a legal assessment, new and customized contracts, trademarking, and monthly legal strategy meetings. This is a true a Legal Upgrade™.

Looking for something more à la carte?

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Protect the brand

Protect the products

Secure the rights

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Meet the Attorney

Christian Williams, Esq.
Yale + Harvard educated.
Real world experienced.
Thoughtful approach.

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